Wirfon Investment Holdings (WIH) LLC

Wirfon Investment Holdings (WIH) LLC is a benefit Open-Ended Private Investment Fund (OEPIF) uniquely designed for wirfon and targets cross-industry and global investment opportunities. WIH pursues business prospection in different sectors of the economy in USA and Africa. Our investments portfolio covers banking & finance, education, real estate, agriculture, technology and consulting. WIH is an opportunity for middle-income and less privileged wirfons to create an enduring economic footprint by acquiring access to viable national and global investment opportunities.

Our investment decisions are based on deep studies and internal analyses conducted by industry experts and analysts. This strategy mitigates our business risks, minimizes costs and protects our assets. In WIH the effective and efficient management of investments is as critical to operational strategy as Cash-Flow Control.

WIH LLC also invests in wholly-owned ventures (affiliates and subsidiaries) within domestic and foreign markets. All investment decisions are made according to WIH Investment Policy Guidelines. WIH is currently prospecting in New Jersey - USA, Coventry - UK and Cameroon.