Corporate Governnance



Once in the life of a people, an idea materializes that forever changes their wellbeing. The members of the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. discussion group, (whose membership include mainly sons and daughters of Nso) in search of a more organized medium with greater economic impact on their community, have decided to create an investment vehicle to enable them achieve their aspirations.

Article I: Name and Organization

(1). The name of this corporation shall be WIRFON INVESTMENT HOLDINGS (WIH) subject to confirmation during the first shareholders' meeting.

(2). WIRFON INVESTMENT HOLDINGS (WIH) shall be designed as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) created under the laws of the Republic of Cameroon, and hereunder referred to as WIH, LLC or simply WIH. As a Limited Liability Company, WIH and/or its subsidiaries (wholly owned subsidiaries and/or partnerships), shall exercise all the rights of a legal entity as stipulated in the relevant laws of the country where they are registered to do business.

(3). WIH, LLC shall be registered and headquartered in the Republic of Cameroon or any country with favorable business laws and shall operate offices in any country where WIH, LLC and/or its subsidiaries shall be incorporated for business.

(4). WIH, LLC shall be the Holding Company for all investments ventures, which may be incorporated separately as independent subsidiaries of WIH, LLC in any Country where WIH, LLC and/or its subsidiaries may choose to operate.

(5). These Articles of Association (hereunder also referred to as Memorandum of Association or simply Memorandum) shall NOT be used in lieu of the legal Articles of Incorporation of WIH, LLC in any Country, and shall NOT be a replacement for WIH, LLC Company Bylaws as authorized by shareholders.