Our Creed & Core Values


We believe in ourselves, our ability and our ingenuity in creating economic and social value;

We believe in serving our customers right, with dignity, value and utmost respect because we owe our success to them;

We believe in diversity of ideas and opinions, for within which is found our strengths and our uncommon approaches;

We believe in taking on tougher challenges, for therein exist great value for and growth of our company;

We believe in and empower our employees, for unto who is entrusted our Vision, Mission and Brand;

We believe in our shareholders, because we owe our business model and our existence as company to them;

We believe in Wirfon Success, for it is the ultimate fulfillment of our Mission!


We are a Dedicated and Hardworking Team of persons who Respect Diversity of opinion and uphold great Ethical Standards and Integrity