Vision, Mission & Brand


Our VISION is to build a strong and successful company that propels WIRFON into the forefront of global business.


The Mission of Wirfon Investment Holdings (WIH), LLC, shall be to mobilize capital for investments in any sector of the economy, with an overriding goal to maximize profits and shareholders' return on investment, and propel WIH into the forefront of global business.

Our growth strategy relies on our robust capital and human resource base; strategic marketing and supply chain management; strong product mix and technology, as well as our diversified investment portfolio. We are committed to doing business with a social conscience by seeking opportunities to improve the lives of people in our vested communities.

Our Brand:

Performance, Professionalism, Integrity and Ease-of-doing-business constitute our core Brand Values. These values are built and sustained through our Talents Identification and Development Programs, Business Development Processes, and Listening to you and our shareholders.