Banking & Finance

WIH is currently involved in capital-infusion discussions with a mid-size Cameroon based finance institution. The goal is to beef up capital, improve infrastructure and enhance resources capabilities in order to float a full-fledged bank. This Savings and Loans (S&L) Finance institution is a growing business with a broad customer base and great potentials. Acquiring and restructuring existing businesses (after due diligence performance) is one of WIH's main growth and market penetration strategies.

Cameroon has remained a most favorable business environment in the central African sub region. Many banks (mostly foreign controlled) are operating and/or seeking licensing in Cameron. This is an indication of the great opportunities in this sector couple with the fact that thousands of wirfon; are respected professionals in banking and finance!

Another business opportunity under considerations within the finance sector is the creation of a Wirfon Credit Union (WCU) Ltd? All of these opportunities will be considered on the basis of sector systemic risks-benefits analysis, capital requirements and other resource requirements. An additional advantage here is that WCU will benefit from the solid infrastructural network of the CAMCUL.

Any wirfon who is a professional, a practitioner or just have solid privilege information of commercial value on banking and finance, and Credit Union business, or just wishes to invest, please Contact The Management of WIH for further discussions. WIH believes in the huge resource base of all wirfon and that resourcefulness is one of WIH's cardinal competitive advantage. WIH is a concerted effort by all wirfon for the development and benefit of wirfon, so everyone is invited to join. Please SUBSCRIBE today, join the team, be a shareholder and follow the updates and help shape our future by contributing your unique expertise.