Real Estate

Real Estate has remained a viable investment sector in spite of prevailing economic circumstances. The current turmoil in the US market and around the world offers great opportunities for investment in real estate. Cameroon has remained largely stable and certain locations have proven worth of real estate investment. Real estate is a less risky sector and also doubles up as a leveraging asset on future investments. Investment in real estate will involve apartment buildings, hostels (students), single family homes and commercial structures.

Any wirfon who is a professional, a practitioner or just have privilege information of commercial value on real estate investments (residential & commercial), or just wishes to invest, please Contact The Management of WIH for further discussions. WIH believes in the huge resource base of all wirfon and that resourcefulness is one of WIH's cardinal competitive advantage. WIH is a concerted effort by all wirfon for the development and benefit of wirfon, so everyone is invited to join. Please SUBSCRIBE to WIH today, share and learn more about our projects.