Table Birds

Field data indicates an under exploited and less understood sector. Apparently risky to many, Poultry is a multi-billion francs sector that has not been fully exploited with the appropriate strategies, particularly marketing. WIH is running the numbers and fashioning out the best operational and marketing strategies to make this a rewarding investment. This project may be one of those cash-cow investments in the offering! Technical labor is readily available to us in-house and combined with appropriate strategies and infrastructures, WIH could be very competitive in this domain.

Any wirfon who is a professional, a practitioner or just have privilege information of commercial value in this area or just wishes to invest, please do not hesitate to Contact The Management of WIH for further discussions. WIH believes in the huge resource base of all wirfon and that resourcefulness is one of WIH's cardinal competitive advantage. WIH is a concerted effort by all wirfon for the development and benefit of wirfon, so everyone is invited to join. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!