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The Missing Link: Wirfon Economic Forum.

A collection of a series of marketing emails published on wirfon Yahoogroups introducing WIH concept.

"The Missing Link: The Wifron Economic Forum" is an inside-out look into Banso Economic and Development Bootstrap; the Economic challenges and Opportunities facing wirfon! Where we failed! Why we failed; and the solutions to sustainable development of the homeland and the repowering of Nso Development efforts ……

Concluding Remarks:

Everyone has got wishes but hope is only born whenever there is a tangible effort to realizing a wish. Every time we contribute to charitable causes like the Shundzev Scholarship Scheme, The Red Cross, BFU-USA, Banin UK, Bonkisheri or other worthy causes, we are effectively giving hope to those we intend to help. Scholarship gives hope of a better life to those kids in schools or patients receiving free medications in health centers in Nso. But hope is not the ultimate solution! We need to complete the job by taking up the final lap of creating employment opportunities. A healthy educated person without an opportunity to earn a living is a walking corpse! Most of us in the working class (above 95% my guess) work for other people/institutions. Lest us join hands and create similar institutions/opportunities for our people. That is The Missing Link!

Here are the facts! In addition to potential rewards to those sacrificing upfront by investing, employment opportunities create an immediate and longer lasting assistance to our needy communities. Today, Nso people are very proud of the quality and quantity of wirfons in the finance and banking sector in Cameroon, Africa and beyond. Most these successful young men and women contribute substantially to our communities and their immediate families. Many of these renowned bankers and/or finance experts were educated and earned their degrees in courses such as Biology, Journalism, Chemistry, History, Geography & English etc. But thanks to the opportunity that the former Amity Bank provided to them through high quality on-the-job training, the potentials in these individuals were unleashed! There were many of these persons with less than stellar academic records but have shown their true worth beyond doubts! It is my conviction therefore that everyone has a unique talent and needs only the right opportunity. Those we may see as dumb or untalented are those people who happen to be doing things for which they are not gifted or have less passion for. Give every person his/her right opportunity and you will be amazed at what they can do! What you read in school is very important but does not necessarily determine what you do in life in all instances.

That is the importance of providing opportunities! For so long, many people have been questioning the suitability or the relevance of our education system in Cameroon! In my humble opinion, we should be asking what we can do to provide the right opportunities back home! I contend that it is not the poor education system handed to us by the “whiteman” but the absence of opportunities that is responsible for the poverty and unemployment carnage in Nso and Cameroon in general! Changing the focus of our academic curriculum is a good thing to do but providing employment opportunities and avenues for career development are more important. We have some of the world's finest, who were trained in that same system! America and the west pride themselves not just in academic quality but more on their ability to create opportunities even for the not-so-educated. Please join WIH LLC to make this happen and create chances for generational paychecks! We have waited long enough! The solution to our long term development efforts is not handouts; it is the creation of long-lasting employment opportunities! We know how to make our business institutions sustainable. Let’s do it
Thank you all for your time and for enduring my presence for all this while :-)!  Let's talk! I welcome your questions?

Ray L. Bannavti